Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vibrations and Consciousness

What is consciousness? What is sound, sight, touch, smell, and experience? What is interaction? Some may answer with factually correct, simple, straightforward, answers but other may offer a different idea as to what constitutes our existence. Along with many other philosophers, theorists, and wandering ponderers, I hope to offer you a different view on life and reality as you know it. My tale is of vibrating energy, human strings, and a grand consciousness available for our individual participation. Now hold on, before you sign me off as crazy hear me out!

I believe that all consciousness is the individual and/or collective perceptions of the vibrations of the universe. Let me explain what I mean by starting with the physical things around us that we consider tangible. The most basic interactions of life take place in the form of the 5 human senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. I purpose that each and all of these senses are the result of the interaction of vibrations of energy and electromagnetism at the most basic quantum level. Let’s look at the things we know and feel to be unquestionably real.

What is sound? Sound is the perception of vibrations in air created from your vocal cords or anything else that vibrates. This vibration begins in your esophagus and enters the atmosphere around you which disturbs the molecular field producing sound waves. These vibrations in your voice box and the air around us don’t actually make any noise, they are simply movements. Sound does not exist until our eardrums vibrate and the cilia in our ear produce electromagnetic responses out brain compiles into auditory sounds. So where is the sound? Sound actually only exists in our consciousness. Maybe this will give you a new perspective on the question, “If a tree falls in the forest and nothing is around to hear it does it makes a sound?”. We might rephrase this to be “does anything make a sound at all or does it exist solely within the consciousness of the living”. Intriguing thought, but let’s move on!

What is color? Color is constructed at the sub atomic level in everything. It is a manifestation of particle spin and electromagnetic disturbance. Humans interpret the effect on color and light spectrums and code them to create the range of relatable visual images we think of as colors. But where do the colors exist? Is the petal of a rose really red at a microscopic level? Is the ocean really the blue color you see when you look at it or would a single glass of it’s water be a different color? My point is that color is a perception that occurs only in our shared consciousness’. There is no being that exists solely as “red” or “blue” or “green”, just conscious acknowledgments of electromagnetic disturbance.

What about smell, taste, and texture? These are all the exact same principle as color and sound. We perceive chemicals in the air that are made of certain particles and charges as smells, and taste different arrangements of molecules as individual flavors but where do all these things exist? Only as an activity within the consciousness of the person or people that are experiencing them. Externally they are all just vibrations of energy, nerves, matter, and particles that compile to form our bubble of reality. How something feels, looks, smells, tastes, or sounds is entirely up to your conscious perception of it. That’s why our tastes, likes, dis-likes, and attitudes change, because of conscious or unconscious shifts in our perception of the vibrations. Whether it’s vibrating muscle tissue sending signals of pleasure or pain, or nerves vibrating to tell you it tastes good or bad it’s all relative to its own perceived vibration.

So, what does it all mean? Everything in existence large or small is an interaction of our consciousness with the vibrations of existence. I don’t mean like the hippy “vibes” of the 60’s and 70’s pop culture or any other light hearted reference. I’m referring to the vibrations of every particle, mass, being, or energy force combining to produce reality as we know and comprehend it. To understand every facet of these interactions is beyond the scope of human comprehension, especially when you get into entanglement, observer paradox, and quantum symmetry. As humans we must start in a realm we can understand and interpret. Let us discuss how our conscious interacts with the vibrations of the universe.

In my last article, “The Human Equation”, I spoke of how we are all independent integers that the larger equation of existence relies upon to function properly and give us the experience of reality as we know it. This is a similar thesis but we will look closer at the quantum relations of individuals that take place to produce life as we know and understand it. I relate these interactions to what many scientists and particle physicists refer to as string theory or m-theory. Except I propose we look at existence from the point of view that maybe humans are the strings of energy that interact and make up our collective consciousness and how we perceive life. It’s a very different thought, so we’ll label it “H-theory”. Let me go back quickly and elaborate on what proponents of particle string theory propose is happening at the basic level of existence before we begin on human string theory for those who are unfamiliar. Essentially string theorists suggest that everything we know of in the universe is made up of incredibly teeny, tiny strings of vibrating energy that vibrate in different patterns to create different elements and particles that make up everything we observe. That’s the incredibly long story short. There is a lot more to it and I suggest if you have some time you look into it because it is a fascinating field of study. Anyway, my theory states that just as strings interact to produce the elements of matter and electricity so do humans to produce the experience of reality as we know it. It’s sort of complicated so let me elaborate a little bit.

Since we’ve established that all things are just an interpretation of vibrating energies it begs the question, “Ok then, what exactly “IS” reality?”. What really “IS”, if everything is subject to our independent interpretation? What reality “is”, in my opinion, is a collection of interactive consciousness’ defined on a whole by every aspect of their collective composite. Simply put, reality is overall exactly what each of us inputs into it. Our own “vibration” or “integer value” is our own aspect of the collective reality and it defines our physical existence in time and space as we know it. So that brings another question. How or what determines or defines your input into reality? This is where things become much more complicated. Essentially your input is an aggregate of how you view and respond to the vibrations of others that compile your reality. Your interpretation of reality determines how you respond to situations, which in turn, is your effect on the consciousness of others. As you can see if you focus on this paradox, this means that our consciousness’ are completely intertwined and entangled with each other. This is the web of human interactions that forms our societies, cultures, and human bonds. These interactions simultaneously construct what “is” and everything that is relevant to life as we know it. It is interesting to see that accepted reality among humans is based upon itself for both content and context. Differences in these interactions and vibrations among humans can be seen in the form of various culturally accepted traditions. Things accepted and promoted in one culture may be shunned and demonized in another. Examples can be found in foods, clothing, sexuality, religion, and more. These cultural actions no matter what they represent are composed of the same fundamental vibrations that give them the “reality” that we consider tangible. This reality is no different on one side of the world from another. The only difference is the perceptions of these vibrations of sight, sound, and senses by the people experiencing them. The people collectively determine if they feel the action to be “right” or “wrong” and that becomes its reality, to those people. This perception of right or wrong, love or hate, ugly or beautiful, joy or fear, good or bad, or anything else lies solely within the perception of the consciousness that is experiencing it. This can be applied universally to any question of reality.

Ok, so this is pretty simple to understand but what does it all mean for us? It means that if we can understand and control consciousness, we can control how we view reality itself. I don’t mean with superpowers or levitation or anything cool like that but I do honestly think you can control how you view and respond to the inputs of reality. The most important thing is taking the mystery out of it. There is no magic, there is no secret, there is no single formula to happiness. Happiness lives within your interpretation of the vibrations you experience. Now, if that’s the case, how do we edit these perceptions and put them through a “reality check” so to speak? There is no easy answer here but I can guide you to the right path. It simply starts with the understanding of what consciousness “is” and what you are really perceiving throughout your life. If you become aware of your consciousness as an entity within itself you begin to realize all the things you “think” and “know” are actually susceptible to our own human filter which is capable of significant errors and achievements alike. These thoughts are entirely creations of your mind/spirit/energy in reflection of the vibrations around you. We may not be able to change all of these perceptions because some may be hardwired within our “self”, but we can accept them for their flaws and adjust the emotional weight we put on them accordingly. This in itself does not guarantee happiness or enlightenment but it does allow for a more peaceful internal existence. At the end of the day that’s all that really exists anyway, is our own internal “self” or consciousness.

To practice working on yourself at this level of consciousness you must first become mindful of your existence and the existence of every vibration around you, be it human, or otherwise. Being mindful is simply being fully aware of the inputs you are receiving from the world and your relation to them. It can be as simple as being mindful of each muscle used in every step you take, to as complex as understanding where the food you eat comes from, it’s process of growth, everything it took to get it to your hands, and the life energy it contains all at once. Being mindful comes in many forms. Read Thich Nhat Hanh or any of the other eastern teachers of mindfulness for more tips on being mindful and experiencing everything for its essence of existence. I will try to write more on this later but it is an incredibly in-depth topic within itself so I will move on for now.
Once you have begun to experience every interaction mindfully and you understand things for what they are you can begin to adjust your reactions to each event or vibration. Remember, they all exist solely within our own consciousness! This is where the real change takes place. One can also begin to understand that the actions and vibrations of others can be acknowledged and effected in the same manner as our own actions. If we truly understand that we exist purely in our own consciousness then we understand that others must exist only in our own consciousness as well. Ultimately it is you who controls others effects on yourself and your vibration or your “being” by how you react to them. They may make you sad, angry, happy, disappointed, whatever, but it is only within your own consciousness where this emotion occurs.

So, take a hold of your reality! Vibrate at your own frequency! The most important aspect of becoming mindful of consciousness lies in knowing that your higher existence can be independent from our physical perceptions of reality. Essentially speaking, while it may not be possible to shift the locations of mountains it is feasible to shift how you feel about where the mountain is located right? Consciousness is our only way to perceive time, space, matter, and interactions. But it is shifts in consciousness that alter HOW we perceive these things like “spacetime” and “life” and what our meaning is amongst it all. Like I have said before, there is no secret formula to manipulate the basics of existence but just being aware of it, can be a powerful enough shift in your general perception to make a difference.

There is so much more to this on the human interaction end that I could literally right a book fleshing out my H-theory. For now I just wanted to introduce a new view of consciousness for people and make you question what you consider “real”. My main hope for this is that people can take away a sense of control amidst the chaos of existence. Life really is what you make of it because it only exists within you. Your unique view of the world is only ever experienced by you, once. If you don’t like it, recognize that like anything else it can be changed, shifted, or altered for better or for worse. The only person that can truly alter it is you though! Other people can influence you with their vibration but it is you who chooses how you react to that input and respond with your feedback. This action and reaction is the simple substance of existence.

So essentially, life is the dancing of human strings in the poetic ballet of existence. We act, we interact, and it all happens on one huge cosmic stage. We come together here in a collection of consciousness’ with no purpose other than to interact with one another and the universe around us. Let us embrace the reality of life in its larger form instead on getting consumed by the minor details that distract us from beauty. This rich, rhythmic vibration of souls we experience is boundless when viewed at large. Embrace it, be it, dance along, but don’t forget to really experience and enjoy it along the way! After all, our consciousness is only available to us for a limited period of time. Make the best out of every second and consciously choose to make it what you wish! You own your reality!

John Thomas

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